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Premium Domains from Drum Bum, Inc.
As quality music domain names become more and more rare, the prices continue to rise. Now is the time to consider
buying that "perfect" internet real estate for your company or future website. Remember; it's about location, location, location!
Don't settle for Baltic Ave. when you can own PARK PLACE. - Park Place is what makes the money. It's not just a website, it's an investment.

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- 1st Drums. Potential store aimed at first time beginning drummers, intro hand perc., drumsets. Web history. 1stdrums.com also available.
- About Drums. First in directories, strong association, common phrase, stong resale value.
- Drum Gear - This is not just a domain but an established brand. Comes with website, well-branded logo, and PR3. Half the work has already been done for you. There have been hundreds of products sold with the DrumGear.com logo. Serious offers only please.
- All Drum. First in directories, easy to remember, short and concise.
- Drum Charts - Specializing in Drum Charts? This is the site for you! Top tier, concise domain. SOLD
- Blues Drumming - If you're passionate about blues and drumming, this might be your website!
- Dr. Drums. Short, easy to remember, great for drum repair or personal website, sounds fun
- Drum CD's. Short, identifiable, retail potential with audio cd's or promoting drum artist cds.
- Drum Corner. Perfect name for retail shop, easy to remember
- Drum Imports. Excellent name for those in the business of importing drums
- Drum Keys. Short, immediately identifiable, specialized business venture or collector
- Drum Lovers. For those passionate about drumming, open to many possibilities personal or retail. The singular version of this domain (drumlover.com) is also available.
- Drum Rentals. If you're in the business, this is the perfect domain. We also have rentdrums.com and drumsetrentals.com.
- Drumset Parts. Niches work! Another high-quality name for anyone looking to specialize in this area.
- Popular Drumsticks. Perhaps a store specializing in the top brands of drumsticks or something brandable. SOLD
- Drums of War. Recognizable phrase, retail possibilities, current
- Drums R Us. Extremely recognizable and identifiable to retail.
- Drum University. Great for educational site or portal
- eDrumsticks. The name says it all. A top notch name for a drumsticks site!
- Latin Drums. Extremely popular phrase with enormous potential, latindrum.com also available
- Marching Drum. identifiable, perfect for marching drum website
- Stick Bags. Perfect name for store specializing in this product
- Got Drums? Recognizable slogan, concise, memorable
- #1 Drums. One character away from "drums". Strong potential for 1st page results. Short / concise.
- How to Buy Drums. Strong content potential to assist with drum sales.
- iDrummer. One of the best! They won't forget this domain.
- Bass Drum Technique. The perfect domain for this specialty. SOLD
- Learn Drumset. Short, concise, memorable. They won't forget this drumset learning name.
- Miniature Drums. Specialty domain targeted toward drum miniatures, concise
- Old Drums. Top vintage drum domain with huge potential.
- Percussion. Rare, single word domain, unforgettable, huge content potential
- Percussion Links. Strong directory domain for the percussion market.
- Percussion Tips. Strong, comanding content domain (see drumtips.com for ideas)
- Punk Drumming. "The" domain for punk drumming.
- Reggae Drumming. "The" domain for reggae drumming
- Rent Drumsets. Commanding, specialized name for this segment of the industry.
- Snare Drum Basics. Commanding name for the fundamentals of snare drum.
- Drumsets for Sale. The perfect seo domain for landing the sale.

- Drumset Shop. The best seo domain for a drumset shop. Easy to remember.

- Will Drum For Food. Extremely popular and fun slogan, great for personal site or business venture.
- Play Drumset - If you're looking for a great drum lessons domain or personal site, this is a great domain.
- Buy Drumsticks - Some of the best businesses are those that focus in on one specific specialty. The other advantage to this domain is that is speaks to the subconcious with the marketing message, "Buy Drumsticks". Studies have proven that this marketing technique really works!

Drum Forum

- Drum Auctions - Concise and memorable. There is no better domain for drum auctions.
- Drum Off - "Drum Off" is how drummers refer to drum competitions. This is the domain for it!
- Drumset Basics - The perfect drum lessons or teaching / teacher domain.
- Drum Collection - This would work for a personal collection or as a drum store brand.
- Drum Association - Tons of potential. Forum? Organization? Club?
- Used Drums - Buy and sell used drums with the perfect "used drums" domain name.
- Drum Charms - The charm market is huge. Here's a chance to specialize.
- DrumaHolics - That's what we are right? ;) This would be a strong forum name or webstore.
- Drum Lessons World - One of the best "drum lessons" domains on the market.
- Drum Chick - Catchy! There couldn't be a better "girl drummer" domain. We also have the plural.
- Famous Drummers - Build the most recognizable database for famous drummers online.
- How to Play Drumset - If you teach drums or give drum lessons, this could be your website name.
- Drum Websites - An aged domain with great search placement already established.
- Micing Drums - Start a website specializing in mic'ing drums and drumsets. The domain mikingdrums.com is also available.
- Drum Traders - Great drum store name or for those that trade drums with other players.

- Learn How to Play Drumset - Need your own drumset lessons website that's memorable? This is for you.

Yes, you can afford it!

Domain prices have dropped over the years. You can now buy short, premium domains for under a thousand dollars.
We even have some for as low as $299.00. / Call us at 1-800-378-6286 and ask for Mike. He'll answer any questions you have.

In today's competitive online market, you've got to think outside of the box. Build niche content online and you'll
find even greater success with your company. Don't settle for just your one website. Create many pathways into your store
via unique concept sites. There are tons of ideas that can be created with our premium domains. Let the juices flow!

- e Drumsets. We probably don't have to explain how valuable this is!
- Drum Concepts This phrase has been used for years across all music genres when it comes to lessonss and learning. Strong potential for books, videos, YouTube channels, etc. SOLD
- Drum Health. The drum health industry is strong right now and growing every day. This could be your niche with great uniqueness in that it's under-explored and under-marketed.
- Drummer Books If you sell books for drummers, this domain is for you. Teachers, this would make a great side business to implement your teaching income. Could even be set up as a Amazon reseller site.
- Drum Girls - In case you haven't been paying attention, the industry has put special attention toward recruiting girl drummers lately. Get out in front with your marketing with this premium drum domain.
- Drumset Forum - The majority of American drummers play drumset. Need we say more?
- eDrummer - One of the strongest drum domains you can own. Extremely valuable!
- Basics of Drumming - The name says it all. Boost your sales by creating a content site aimed at providing basic drumming instruction for beginning drummers.
- Drum Apparel - Are you specializing in clothing or apparel for drummers? This is your domain!
- Drum Accessory - If you specialize in drum accessories, this is your domain.
- Drum Reviews - The #1 drum reviews domain! We also have the singular version of this.
- Drummer Accessories - A concise domain for drummer accessories.
- Drumset Classifieds - The ultimate drumset classifieds domain!
- Drum Tips - Now you can own a top notch domain for your drum tips book or tips-related website.
- Child's Drum - A great site for featuring starter drums for children. Lots of potential!
- Custom Snare Drums - Another high-level, premium domain for custom snare drum dealers.
- Drumset DVDs - If you feature drumset dvds, this is your perfect domain name!
- Drum Jewelry - Do you sell necklaces or rings related to drumming? This is the domain for you.
- Drum Lessons Hub - The perfect domain for a central location on the net for drum lessons.
- Beginning Drums - The perfect drums domain for beginning drumsets or a lessons and info. site to provide instructional material to beginning drummers.
- Drumset Store - How memorable is this? The perfect drumset retail domain.
- Drum Supplier - Buy a domain that defines you as the supplier of drums to the industry.
- Drum Swag - Great domain for selling drummer t-shirts, keychains, stickers, etc.
- Drum Toys - A double meaning domain. Use it to describe their passion or to sell kid's drums.
- Drumset Tabs - Start your own drumset tabs database with this popular niche domain.
- 1 800 Drummer - Every smart business owner knows the value of 800 names for marketing.
- eDrummers - "e" anything stands out in the crowd as the authority online for that subject.
- Drumsticks - Own your very own one word domain that describes what you do. These are rare!
- LA Drums - Want to start a drum shop or teaching studio in Los Angeles? This is your domain.

Invest in yourself. Build up your websites, not someone else's. Social media is great but if the
those websites ever go away, all your content that you've spent years building, goes with it.

More Drum Domains For Sale
drumaccessories.org, drumbooks.org, drumbuyersguide.com, drumcare.com,
drumclothing.com, drumcompanies.com, drumming.mobi, drumsettechnique.com

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- 5 Star Guitar. First in Directory, short, rhymes, easy to remember, synonymous with high-end guitars.
- Band Etc. Great for drum resource area or store with band related products, common phrase, wide interest with high school bands, concert, symphonic, etc.
- Music Glossary. Dominate this popular theme with "the" best music glossary name in the business.
- Guitar DVDs. Tremendous business potential with dvd technology becoming the new industry standard.
- Guitar Hut. Strong business potential, catchy name
- Marching Info. Most popular word, easy to remember, top level

- Rockify Catchy, recognizable phrase SOLD

What's the Big Deal?
I'm often surprised by how many companies underestimate the value of premium domains. You see, it's not just about branding but also
about marketing. I'm just a medium-sized company but I was able to use premium domains to my advantage and consequently build one of the largest
network online for drummers. Could I have done it with sites like, usadrummerstore.com or thebestdrummer.net? Perhaps, but I believe it was the
concise, memorable, premium domains that gave us the advantage - sites like DrumTips.com, DrumRudiments.com, DrumBum.com
and even Drumming.com, which we've yet to fully develop. A premium domain sends an authoritative signal to the visitor.
It tells them that you are important and you matter. It increases the trust level and it ensures that they don't forget you.

We Put Our Money Where Our Mouth Is
Recent domains purchased by Drum Bum, Inc. include BuyGifts.com, DrumClub.com and LoanGuarantee.com.

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Drum Accessories

- ABC Tee. Short, catchy, rhymes, beginning of directories
- Dr. Gifts. doctor-related gifts or just a cool name for a store, drgift.com is also available, short
- Jesus Gifts. Christian gift store, easy to remember, popular theme
- Junkey Monkey. Rhymes, easy to remember, cute/catchy, lots of business potential
- Kidees Short, catchy, store or product relating to kids

How Companies are Using Premium Websites for Marketing
Aside from a company's main site, they'll often use secondary domains that cover a particular theme to then direct the visitor wherever they want. This could be to another information site or to their main website where they can purchase a specific product. An example of how we use this method is with the website, Drumming.com. We are building this as an authority site for drumming which then allows us to market several types of drum products and services to different markets. Content marketing is a strong and proven method that is especially effective with an unforgettable, top-level domain name. In essence, the right domain does half the work for you.

All "reasonable" offers considered.
Prices are based on popularity, name length, .com extension, rarity and business potential.
Please forward all domain inquiries to mike @ buygifts.com.

Are Domains Other Than .Com Valuable?
Absolutely! You only have to look at Spain.info as an example. It gets first page placement on Google.
Most of our domains are .com but we also feature .net, .info and .ws. For example, we have drumset.ws and percussion.info for sale as well as numerous other valuable domain extensions for the drum market.

Drum Forum


This isn't all of them. We'll be adding even more drum domains so stay tuned.

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